Friday, January 17, 2014

Anchors Away Coasters

This is one of those things I saw on Pinterest and just knew I had to make my own for our home. I already had all of the supplies on hand too! Thanks to my DIY Nautical Centerpieces I made for our rehearsal dinner, I had at least half of a roll of sisal rope laying around. While the hubby and I watched our DVR'd episodes of The Walking Dead from the marathon they ran on New Year's day, (We've become obsessed, a little late I know) we tag teamed the coaster-making by having Brandon hot glue while I rolled the sisal rope and formed the coasters. While I'm sure you can do it solo, it was a heck of a lot easier having a partner to help out. 

Once all 6 were completely rolled and the glue had dried, I started the painting process. Obviously, you can make these coasters with whatever design you choose but like the original Pin, I liked the nautical theme with the anchors. I actually free handed my anchors rather than using a stencil. They are all a little different but basically the same and I like the organic look of the varying anchors. 

I'm going to be using ours mainly in our bedroom with our Kate Spade Inspired His + Hers glasses that I just made last week and the gold His + Hers Nightstand Signs I made a while back! 

And these beauts can always be wrapped up with some yarn and given as a nice housewarming gift or present! 

Hope you enjoyed and get inspired to make some of your own! Maybe try a varying nautical theme with an anchor, seagull, boat, and seahorse??


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