Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DIY Nautical Boat Cleat Towel Hooks

Last weekend, Brandon and I put these beauties together for our Master Bathroom. I am a sucker for all things nautical; stripes, anchors, boats, you name it. I recently I saw on Pinterest where someone used boat cleats to hold up mirrors here. I knew I could find a way to use them in our bathroom for a functional purpose. After a little research, it seems I am not the first one with this idea, but I was still super excited about it. When I mentioned my little idea (after I had already ordered 3 boat cleats from Home Depot here and told Brandon I had to go pick up "something" with my secret, "I have a huge project in mind" voice, hehe), Brandon quickly burst my bubble, that I in fact could not just attach the boat cleats to the wall with screws like I had in mind, because wall studs do not magically appear where you need them. Bah humbug, always the male mood killer, but that's what they're useful for right? Knowledge about studs and stuff. ;) 

Anywhoo, after some thinking I decided to check out Lowe's and see what kind of boards were big enough to fit my 8 in. boat cleat beauties. Unfortunately, all of the wood wide enough was going to be another $10 for a small board, so I decided there must be a better way. On the way home, I passed our new Habitat Restore store (these are awesome by the way!) and decided to check it out and see if I could find a reclaimed board to bring some rustic to my nautical idea. I happened upon a 6 ft. old fence post for $1.50 and snatched it up. A quick trip to the hardware store near our house and I had the 6 large 2" screws (to attach the cleats to the wood without going through), some plastic drywall anchors, and screws to attach the wood to the wall. 

Once I got the board home, we used our standing miter saw to cut the boards to two different lengths; one to accommodate two boat cleats for our bath towels and another smaller one to hold the hand towel near the sinks. I decided to cut the corners off as well to soften the harsh corners. I really love how much personality the reclaimed board had with the knots and such so I made sure to get at least one on both boards. Next, we just centered and screwed the boat cleats into the wood. 

Here's the before of our hand towel hook. For our bath towels, we had just been using an over the door hanger so it is much nicer looking not having that anymore now with our new hooks!

Like I mentioned earlier, we used drywall anchors to attach the boards because there were not studs in the center of each wall like I would have liked. As you can see below, we just screwed two wall screws through the boards in the desired locations just enough so that they showed through on the other side. This allowed us to make marks where we screwed holes for the anchors by pushing the board with the nails against the wall where we wanted them placed. After putting the anchors in we could then align the screws with the holes more easily and screw them fully into the wall. Voila!


Above you can see my recent Moroccan Trellis Stenciled wall along with the new boat cleat hooks!

While I was snapping AFTER photos for y'all, I realized I had never shown the rest of the Master Bathroom and as we continue making improvements, now you can get an idea of what it looks like with some improvements but before painting.

Recently, I painted this anchor on canvas for over the garden tub with inspiration from here

Remember, those nautical vases on the window sill that I had made for our Rehearsal Dinner Centerpieces. Here's their re-purposed home.  

On the other side, we hung Ikea Ekby Jarpen shelves that I filled with jars of toiletries and hair accessories, as well as a print of the cabin from Safe Haven that we picked up on our Mini-Moon in Southport, NC where it was filmed. The bottom framed photo is one I took on a hike on my iPhone and blew up. 

Hope you liked the nautical touch!  

Peace, Allison 

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