Friday, April 25, 2014

Our First Look

Having a "first look" was one of those wedding decisions that for us was made both by convenience (we were able to do pictures with the wedding party before the wedding, allowing us to get back and enjoy the reception party earlier) as well a very personal, private moment just between the two of us to "take it all in" and see each other before walking down the aisle in front of all of our guests. For us, I think it was a fantastic idea and I really cherish the pictures that our photographer, Jamie Brant Photography, captured. 

I'm not quite sure why I have had writer's block up until now to post about our wedding day, but for some reason, until recently I suppose I have just still been catching up on other things that fell by the wayside during the year long wedding planning process. It is fun, now nearly 7 months later to start going back through our beautiful, exhilarating, anxiously awaited day. 

Approaching my soon-to-be husband was nerve-wrecking (in a good way!) and oh, so exciting. We had chose to spend the night before our wedding in separate rooms at our hotel so that on our wedding day we were that much more excited to see each other. Earlier that morning, we each had each read the letter that we wrote to each other which was so much more emotional than I had expected!

Now, it was finally time for him to see me. I had been hiding behind one of the small buildings outside of our venue, while our photographer went to get Brandon and have him wait for me with his back turned under the trees. Those few moments alone, (some of the only ones I had all day) was crazy to look down at my dress and realize that this was the day I was getting married... All of those days of planning and preparation and looking forward to it and now it was here. And there he was, all suited up waiting for me under the trees. Even though I had helped pick out his tie and tux, it was still as if I had no idea what to expect and I'm sure he of me. With bated breath, I walked up to him (he looked so nervous even with his back turned!) and put my back to his for the photo-op I had so desperately wanted, convinced it would be my favorite picture of our first look (it wasnt!). There were oh, so much better candid ones. 

After I snuck in a quick kiss on his cheek from behind, I turned around ready for him to finally see me. Despite the fact that he sees me every day, at my worst I'm sure far more than my best, the feeling of Brandon finally seeing me in my dress that hung so anxiously in my closet for months, was a huge relief. He turned, he smiled, he giggled his giddy giggle that only I know. It was awesome. 

Being our awkward selves, we weren't too sure what to do in this moment so we both just kept ogling each other and giggling. We snuck in a few kisses too (not sure if that's kosher for the first look or not...oops!). 

The nerves were gone. The stress was gone. I was ready to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend. 

To be continued... ;) 


.: All Photos in this post by Jamie Brant Photography:.
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