Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's with the name? :: HousLoveDogBlog

Alright, alright I know what you've been thinking...

Why the heck is Allison spelling Hous without an "e" in her blog name. Isn't that hard for people to remember? Is she just trying to be original in some way and stand out amongst all of those other blog names that talk about Houses and Love and stuff? Okay, maybe your right.... a little. I actually chose my blog name because my maiden name is Housholder... yes without the "e." Yes, it still is pronounced like House- holder. All my life, my last name has been a struggle for people to comprehend that Hous indeed has no "e" and now that I am officially a Fitzgerald and not a Housholder, while it is much easier (essentially because it's much more common), I kind of miss being able to correct people as they would spell it and I would say, "it's House without the e and then add holder." 

I had it down to a science. And while people would still write it the wrong way despite my clever saying, the fact that those who knew me knew would gradually learn to write Housholder the right way (without the e, duh!) and even sometimes drop the "e" on the actual noun House when writing elsewhere because they were so used to seeing my last name without the "e," made me realize I was proud to be different. I was proud to not be a Smith or Miller (no offense to those Smiths and Millers out there) but a Housholder, like a strong, reliable, relatable house. A house that while full of belongings that some people would classify as merely "things," certain people come back to everyday and feel "at home" because of those things. 

I am a "thing person" for sure. I was that kid that was in the makings of being a hoarder from age 3. Before you stage an intervention, don't worry, I only began hoarding papers and toys at the time (totally age appropriate hoarding, right?); but, over the years I have found the benefit of the collections of small trinkets I have gathered and I honestly cherish them. I always buy souvenirs when I travel places. Whether it's a t-shirt or a local artist's painting, I like to have small reminders throughout our home that make me think of those fond memories. On the other hand, the many antiques I scavenged from my grandparent's homes and in the corners of thrift stores, bring so much history and interest to our home in a more personal way. My DIY projects also have a special place in our home and heart because they were handcrafted by me for a particular place in my home. While I may be getting off topic, what I mean to say is that the Hous in my blog name represents so much more to me than just the noun, house. It is essentially who I am and what I want to share with my readers. 

Of course the rest my blog's name, the LoveDogBlog, is also very important to me, but those are much more straight forward. You can read about the Love portion more here and of course our furry child, Rhiley, is a very important part of our life as newlyweds. I'm sure our life will change and grow dramatically as the years go on and we start a family down the road but for now, this is who I am and I hope to grow and evolve along with HousLoveDogBlog. 

I hope my explanation of HousLoveDogBlog's name shows you a little more about who I am and what I am all about. My hope for HousLoveDogBlog is that it inspires even just one person to not only look at Pinterest and decor magazines and say, " I can do that," but actually go out, get the supplies, and make it. 

So now that you know, it's House without the "e", LoveDogBlog. Yah dig?

By the way, what's the consensus on the logo at the top? Any suggestions? 



  1. Kristina BensleyMay 9, 2014 at 12:18 PM

    When I read the title to this post I thought to myself "Duh. Why would someone ask that? It's because of her maiden name..." and then I remembered that not everyone on the internet is lucky enough to know you personally!

    1. Aw thanks Kristina! Yea, I figured I better clarify for people who don't know me in person so they don't think I am just a bad speller hehe ;)


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