Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pantry Update & Simple, Spring Scrap Fabric Wreath


I have finally found a place in the Columbia area that sells Benjamin Moore paint! I have been coveting a lot of their colors for the walls (and doors) in our home so I finally picked up a pint of the Palladian Blue that I've seen on a pantry door here and a gallon of White Dove for another furniture project that is in the works. Of course, on the night that we bought the paint I had to crack open the pint of Palladian Blue and paint the pantry ASAP. I mean, dinner could wait, right? 

Here's a quick before & after. 

I really hate that awful yellowish neutral that is on basically all of our walls but we're hoping for a warm, white tone to brighten up the room. Actually, I slapped on a little of the White Dove to see how that looks (you can see below) and I think that it might actually be the winner. Let me know what you think. 

While I was on a creative kick, I took some of the scraps from my latest Ikea Tupplur Curtain Hack and wrapped them around a cheap wreath form I had picked up at Michael's. I didn't even attach the fabric with glue, just wrapped it on and tucked it in at the end. I kind of like the rough edged look and I think it makes the pantry door look even better.

These two cheap (practically free!) updates make a world of difference in our kitchen. What do you think? What are you doing to bring some Spring cheer into your home? 

Happy Spring!


  1. I love the door but then again I'm a little biased to that color! ;) Yay! I think the white is going to brighten up the room ten fold. Fun fun!

    1. Glad you don't mind me copy catting! ;) Ever since you painted yours, I've wanted to change our white pantry door up!

  2. I actually like the blue door with the existing paint color... It's warmer and doesn't feel like as harsh of a contrast.


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