Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Woven Bench for Guest Room

I had been in the market for some sort of bench for our guest room as a place for guests to place their luggage or take a seat to put on shoes. The requirements for said bench were that it needed to be thin & long to fit in the space across from the end of the bed and have some added storage on the bottom. I really like the woven bench look like this and this but the $100 price tag for such a small bench that I honestly thought I could make myself just wasn't cutting it for me. Thankfully, after some perusing I found this tutorial for a woven bench by The Merry Thought.

I kept that tutorial in the back of my head all through the holidays until I finally had some time and motivation for a DIY project after we got back from our late honeymoon cruise in January (a post soon to come). I followed the tutorial to a tee except that instead of buying pre-made table legs I actually just picked up a 4th 2x2x8 Furring strip which I cut into 4 16" legs. This change alone saved me about $18 making my total for the entire project come in at just under $30. So much better than the $100 I could have spent! 

Follow Your Passion sign- Hobby Lobby
Triangle Wall Hanging- DIY from an old pool table triangle

This DIY came together pretty easily up until the weaving part where I had to go back through and re-tighten my jute multiple times due to the wood bowing slightly in the center from the pressure. Don't let it get you down though cause the finished product was well worth the monotony and the cotton cord helps make the center much sturdier than just the jute alone (FYI I have sat on it and it can hold a good amount of weight!). I attempted a smaller aztec pattern than The Merry Thought for the center of my bench only because I was running low on upholstery tacks. 

Overall, I am smitten with the final product! It totally goes with my modern vintage theme for the rest of the guest room! Now I just need to paint the room and I am calling it done-zo. For the tutorial on how I updated my grandparent's vintage bedroom set to white & brass check out here

Do you love it as much as I do?! 


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