Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gold, White, & Brass, Oh My!

Two weekends ago our guest furniture got a long overdue makeover! The bedroom set is a solid wood set that used to be my grandfather's who actually owned a furniture store called VanNoy's furniture in Mansfield, PA back in the day, so it really is near and dear to my heart. Sadly, the wood pieces had lots of scratches and needed some TLC and a little updating to bring them back to life. 

This was my first time painting large furniture pieces and although it was definitely a time consuming process, it went surprisingly smoothly. The painting process was done over a series of two days in the garage. 

 Brandon sanded the furniture lightly with our electric sander and then I painted 3 coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove on all of the furniture which included a dresser, set of drawers, 12 drawer fronts, a full bed frame, and the dresser mirror. I really liked the matte look of the eggshell finish paint, but after moving the furniture up to the room, there were already fingerprints and a few chips visible so I ended up having to do one coat and touch-ups of Miniwax Polycrylic Clear Gloss which really ended up making the pieces look completely finished.

Left to Right: 1, 2, & 3 Coats of Paint

 Once it was all painted, it was time to put on the hardware I had purchased from 
D. Lawless Hardware. Unfortunately, with the old wood pulls taken off, it became apparent that the new handles were not going to fit the old holes. I ended up just placing the handles where they completely covered the old holes and were not visible from the outside of the drawers. Once I drilled the holes, it was a quick job to screw all of the handles in. 

I am pretty psyched with how they turned out though! The brass mixed with the perfectly warm White Dove paint makes for some easy looking. Here's just a reminder of how the guest furniture used to look...

And now here they are in all of their white and brass glory!

While I was already in painting mode, I picked up this old window from one of our nearby thrift stores called His House and painted it the same White Dove color. I like how the window kind of takes the place of a large headboard since the actual bed headboard is quite short. 

I whipped out my sewing machine I had gotten for Christmas finally too and made this quick and easy fabric banner using leftover fabric from my sister's Bridal Shower last month. I messed around with some of the stitches my machine can do since I wanted it to look handmade anyways. It's not fine sewmanship by any means but it does the trick! (Just don't look too closely ;) )

So much fresher looking, right?! I love the look of wood and stain, but that white and brass sure does look classy. 


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