Monday, January 20, 2014

Clothesline Photo Frame

For some time, I had been wanting to make some sort of interchangeable frame for the office where I could either use as an idea board or better yet a display for my Instagram pictures that I had printed with PostalPix (a free app that you can order prints directly from your phone). PostalPix allows you to print 3x3 in. photos that are perfect for Instagram pictures, so I had a bunch of these lying around that I had purchased a while back.

This project was on the back burner, however, until recently when I found a cheap, large enough frame for $5 at a local thrift store. Below are its original colors of green and gold... Not the best combo by any means. I decided to do a more subtle color but first I had to prime it with spray paint since the original colors were so hideous. 

 Once primed, I added a quick coat of acrylic pale blue paint and let it dry. 

I decided on twine as my hanging mechanism because it isn't too heavy to cause drooping and it can be easily attached by tying knots on either end and stapling it tight to the back of the frame as seen below. 

Finally, I just picked up some small clothespins from Walmart to attach the photos to the twine. I would eventually like to get some metal Bulldog Clips to hold the photos. However, those are very hard and expensive to come by in packs of 12 or so.

Here's how the back and front looked when it was finished. 

And here's it is in its new home in the office where I can see all of my favorite pictures hung up! I can't wait to paint those darn yellowish tan walls and make the room more functional. Yes, I realize the light blue looks awful with the green adjacent wall but for the time being it will have to do. 

As for the rest of the office, there's been some other changes as well. A few months ago, I got this wood A-frame desk from Target. And more recently I added the lamp from Ikea and the faux sheepskin (also from Ikea for only $10!) to the thrift store chair to make it more comfy. 

Also, I got my Singer Tradition sewing machine with Christmas money from my dad during a Black Friday sale for only $100! I am super excited to teach myself to sew and hopefully I will be starting a few projects soon. I already have a few in mind! Wish me luck. I will need it. ;)

P.S. Remember the Fitz's banner from our wedding?! 

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