Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a blank canvas.

Ever just bought a blank canvas just because it was half price even though you didn't have a plan for it yet? Well, I did and it was the best decision ever. 

Maybe it's even a metaphor of sorts, that when we get bogged down to the point that we forget about something we used to love (like painting), sometimes you just have to start from scratch like a blank canvas and get back to the simple things in life. 

Also, this is my favorite quote by the way. Actually it's a lyric from a song called When Heads Roll Off by Frightened Rabbit. I just love the thought that each one of us is meant to make tiny changes in life that essentially effect everyone on earth. It kind of makes you feel important when you think about it that way. 

The color I added around the edges of the painting was one I had on hand from the painting I did above our dresser (a copycat of this one). It also matched the backing I put on my Instagram printed pictures that I framed in Ikea frames recently. 

So go out and buy a blank canvas and see what you come up with! Sometimes it's best not to have a plan all the time. 


:: Be sure to check out the new DIY Projects tab up top. I reconfigured it so projects should be more easily accessible!:: 

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