Saturday, November 2, 2013

His + Hers

Here's a quick less than $10 project that I tackled before the wedding but have been excited to share: His + Hers gold signs for our bedroom nightstands. 

Literally, I just picked up a wood post about 1" thick and a few packets of wood craft letters that spelled out His and Hers at Hobby Lobby and got to work. The gold spray paint and Gorilla Glue I had on hand. When I got home I just Gorilla Glued the letters onto the wood post (I made each letter two wooden letters thick to make them more sturdy) and then sawed off the end so that there was an even amount of post on both ends. Finally, I just spray painted them gold. 

Look how great they turned out!!


And here's the full on effect of the two signs! Please disregard the bland white wall behind the bed, I still have not gotten the courage motivation to start stenciling that huge monstrosity so bear with me. 

If you like these signs please Pin them using the floating "Pin it" buttons on the pictures! 



1 comment:

  1. These are absolutely adorable. Great Idea. Thanks for sharing!


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