Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Wooden Spheres

Here's an easy DIY I was able to accomplish in one evening and I love it! All you need are two embroidery hoops that you can get for about $1.50 or less each depending on the size you choose. Then, all you need is your favorite color stain and some brass round tacks. It's really that simple! 

First, I just played around with the hoops until I got them to the position I wanted. I chose to have both of the hooked ends overlap which ended up looking pretty cool after all was said and done. 

Next, I gathered my stain and brush and got to work. Finally, I added the brass tacks on each of the overlapping points except where the hooks overlap which balanced out the presence of the hooked ends. Voila! Not too shabby for a 15 minute, <$5 project. 

How do you like them? Let me know! 



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