Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

Soooo this one time on Pinterest... I pinned these really adorable snow globes. Cue snow globe picture here.

And of course I had to have them for myself soo here's my version! 

I started off by getting the small trees at Walmart for surprisingly very cheap (Under $4 for all of them). Then I purchased the large jar, small Ball jar, and fake snow at Hobby Lobby. 

As you can see the largest tree was actually a little too tall for my jar. Thankfully, I just popped off the base of the tree and then used some wire cutters to trim the tree to the height I needed. Then just pop the wires back into the base with some hot glue and the height is perfect. 

Next, just hot glue your trees onto the insides of the lids as so.

Add some of your fake snow (but just enough to cover the bottom of the trees) and then shake to get some snow onto the trees and you're done!!

They are so adorable and I am in love with them!! How do you like them?!

And here they are in their new home in our home! Don't worry there will be more Christmas/ Winter decorations around them soon. I just wanted to get this craft done for people who are planning ahead for the holiday season. 

All in all I think the total cost for me was about $17 total for all three unless you have all of the jars on hand. Unfortunately, I only had the medium sized one on hand. Aren't they so cute?! 


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