Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Ceremony

Where did we leave off here in the wedding reminiscing? Oh yea... I was ready to marry my best friend after Our first look. Figures it would take me almost an entire year to get to the heart of the story. But hey, our anniversary month is better than never to get to the good stuff, right? Right. 

After the first look, we did our wedding party and family pictures and then assembled downstairs in the back of the Dairy Barn because the ceremony was on the second floor of the barn in the open beamed area. 

The men were all laughing about something amongst themselves and I was just basking in the fact that all of our best friends were in the same hallway with all of our closest friends and family upstairs waiting for our wedding ceremony  and just how crazy it all felt that it was happening right then. I took a break off of my feet for a few moments while we were waiting for everything to get started. Before I knew it, our wedding coordinator was ushering the men upstairs to go take their places up front. And then, all of my ladies were also gone.. and it was just me and my dad. 

The Men with our Officiant leading them.

Brandon's mother & two of his brothers.

I know I heard the song we had picked out {I am You- Kim Taylor} for the ladies & our moms to walk in to but it all seemed to be going so fast, too fast if only to me. Then, before we even began climbing the stairs for my arrival, I heard the beginning of my entrance song {Marry Me- Train}. It was literally a miracle that I had my dad there to help me walk quickly up the stairs and not step on my dress or slip on a heel. 

My mother & brother.

And then we were at the top of the stairs and there was everyone... my friends, family, our bridal party all looking at me. When people say the whole wedding day goes so fast, they often forget about those times where time just slows down and you are actually able to soak it all in. This was that moment and I remember making eye contact and smiling hugely at specific people and then looking up and seeing Brandon with a little grin of pride that was so cute. 

Our officiant was our college friend, Stephen, who was the best choice we possibly could have had for our wedding ceremony. He officiated with such grace and wit that I do believe he had everyone laughing and crying simultaneously which was a true gift. He shared some funny stories from when Brandon & I first started dating because Stephen had been on Brandon's Resident Assistant staff at the time and saw us fall for each other first hand. He also graciously made it very clear we were starting a lifetime commitment together. 

Photo Credit: Jen Reyes

Our mother's took turns reading my favorite wedding reading called, "These are the Hands," and then we did a literal knot tying ceremony. As you could see in the first picture, we did a double figure 8 knot symbolizing two becoming one and infinity as well as our love of climbing and the outdoors. 

After we exchanged our vows and rings, we were pronounced husband & wife and introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald! We left the ceremony to {Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros}. It was surreal and amazing all at once!


With the knot tied, the vows read, and the shoes off we were ready to party with our friends and family... and that we did! 

Hope you enjoyed the recap of our wedding as much as I enjoyed writing it!


.: All pictures in this post by our wonderful photographer, Jamie Brant Photography:.
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  1. You were such a gorgeous bride! I love the venue as well. Can't wait to see more pictures!


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