Saturday, September 13, 2014

Simple Gold Herringbone Bar Update!

We got this mahogany bar as a wedding gift from my sister and very soon-to-be {as in less than one month!} brother-in-law. It was from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was on our registry. I love all of the storage it offers and the extra space I get to decorate (otherwise known as me cluttering it up with cute things!). The only thing was that the bottom shelves were so dark and cavernous that you couldn't really see all of our glasses hanging (see below). 

I decided on a whim one night to brighten the shelves up using all things I already had on hand! I used some scrap mat board pieces I had left from my "The World is Your Oyster" knock-off artwork and cut them to size to fit in the back of the shelves. Then, I taped them off with masking tape in opposite diagonal patterns to create a Herringbone pattern when put together. Finally, I spray painted the mat boards using some gold spray paint I had on hand. Surprisingly, they dried within minutes and I was able to remove the tape and put them in their places. Only about 20 minutes total time for this quick update!  

How about those Trader Joe's tulips! 

I love how much brighter the shelves look now and how the pattern brings some added interest as well! Plus now you can see all of our glasses much more clearly. This simple update could be used for any dark furniture piece for that matter or just any shelves you have that need a little added interest. 

Finally, here are a few pics of how I styled our bar top. The gold bunting banner is actually glitter paper I picked up at Michael's that I sewed together. I may be doing a small tutorial on how you can make your own one of these days. The Happy Flags in the mug are from this Etsy shop, Natalie Creates. And of course you can see more about my knock off, "The World is Your Oyster" artwork here

What in your home could use some brightening up? 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Where did you get the straws? So cute! Are they paper?

    1. Yea they're the paper ones. They only last for one drink but they are definitely fun! I usually get them at Target in the party section or Michael's dollar section.


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