Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky: A Thanksgiving Recap

This holiday recap is almost a month late I know. But better late than never right?! Over Thanksgiving, Brandon and I traveled to Lexington, KY for our annual Housholder celebration. Over the last 5 years I am not going to lie, Thanksgiving has basically become my favorite holiday. Yes, even more so than Christmas. Why, you may ask? Who wouldn't love a holiday based solely around food, family, and shopping all in one weekend?! Am I right? Okay I am a little biased. My extended family is a blast to hang out with. This year we had some exciting bonuses as well. 

Our first stop was Asheville, NC where we met up with my dad and road tripped the rest of the way together. We were also able to stop and see my brother who lives in Asheville. He wasn't able to come up to KY with us so it was nice to see him right before the holiday. He also showed us some of his Hous Furniture line that just has been released at Uncle Junebug's General Store. If you're ever in Asheville, NC check it out! (My brother also made that rustic shelf for our wedding if you recall.)

How awesome is this rustic recovered wood headboard by Hous?? If only I could have him on hand for our house updates right? 

Once in Lexington, KY we enjoyed a huge Thanksgiving meal chock full of all of my favorites; turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole. Yum! My mouth is watering all over again. 

I went a little Instagram crazy as you can tell but we don't have this many photo worthy events when we're at home. Friday night we went to downtown Lexington to see the tree lighting and got a really nice family photo with my dad, sister, and her boyfriend **soon to be fiance, hence some of the extra excitement from the weekend.** 

We had a very solid inkling that he was going to pop the question all weekend, so obviously I had my camera attached to my hand at all times of the day all weekend long. Can you blame me?! Every girl wants pictures of the big question these days. Below is one of those "This has got to be it!!" moments where I was trying to inconspicuously take pictures of them having a "moment" that just ended up being only that. Oh well, it's still a super cute picture of them. 

Here's most of the 16 of us who were all in town for the weekend. Quite a good looking bunch of Housholders, eh? 

On Saturday, my cousin who was hosting us surprised us by renting a 15 passenger van to tour us around all of the sights to see in Lexington. It was an awesome day! And we thought we could never top using an RV to go black Friday shopping with 10 of us piled in... but she did this year! 

First stop was Claiborne Farms where we got a tour of the stables, got a little too much information relating to horse mating, and saw the stable where Secretariat was housed. We also got to pet Orb, the Kentucky Derby winner from last year! Most of the horses cost between 10-14 million dollars each on the farm which is crazy to think about! 

The whole gang's here! 

Next up, we went to my cousins agricultural school where we got to see baby calves, donkeys, and more horses. The kids even got to retrieve some of the freshly laid eggs from the chicken coop. This calf below had a perfect heart on her head! How cute!! 

Finally at the very last second (literally right before they left to head home!), Nick asked all of us family to head into the living room and take a seat. Lindsay, my sister, who had just gone to the bathroom thinking they were about to leave came into the room upset that no one was standing to say goodbye to them. Nick smoothly began by asking for Ma's permission to marry her granddaughter. Then, he walked over to Lindsay got down on one knee and asked her to MARRY HIM!! It was so sweet and heartwarming and I'm so glad I got to be there to see her face light up with excitement. So precious!! Congratulations Lindsay and Nick! We love you and can't wait to celebrate your marriage in the upcoming year. 

Ironically (and I'm pretty sure he planned it), Nick's shirt said "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky." Touche. Below is my beautiful, newly engaged sister and my soon to be brother in law with their pups, Mugsy (the bigger one) and Lucy, their new Pomapoo who is the cutest ball of fluff ever. 

If that wasn't a weekend to remember I dunno what is! We definitely Got Lucky in Kentucky. Kudos to my cousin Kari for her awesome planning and a great weekend with family. 

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday as well. 


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