Friday, February 21, 2014

The Road You Tread to See Us Wed

The details of our wedding were very important to me. I wanted our wedding to be an experience for our guests that encompassed our personalities and who were are as a couple. 

Back when I first started making Pinterest projects and DIYing, I made the Our Adventures Together corkboard to mark where we have traveled together and where monuments of our relationship had occurred (ie. met, engaged, married, first house, etc.). The original board is just a generic cork board from Target that I painted turquoise. The map itself was cut out of a roll of cork that you can get at any craft store using a printable U.S. map as a template. 

When it came to the wedding map, I knew I wanted something similar to show how far and wide our guests were coming to join us for our wedding. Oddly enough, my dad was the only guest out of our 90 guests who was not from out of town (including Brandon and me). But, once I got to thinking, I decided I would just rework the original map to become our The Road You Tread map. 

About two weeks out from the wedding, with a mostly finalized guest list, I pushed the pins into the areas our guests were travelling from (My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin came all the way from CA!)  and secured them with white string to the pin of where our wedding was (in SC). 


While this project only took some re-configuring for me since I already had the map made, it was a very simple yet fun piece to add to our guest book and gift table (picture from our wedding setup below!). Once the wedding was over, I just took off the wedding details and put our adventure board back together.

I really think it meant a lot to our out of town guests to see that we were appreciative of the distance they had all come near and far to see us get married. I still can't believe it was almost 5 months ago already!! Time flies when you're having fun (mostly ;) )!


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