Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy {Heart} Day 2014

Happy Belated {Heart} day! I hope you had as relaxed and enjoyable a day as we had. Thankfully we had the day off so it was awesome. It started with a delish breakfast in bed of a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel (yum!) and hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries. No joke, a Sherri's Berry's commercial had come on the TV at the gym the other day and I totally pointed to Brandon like these look good *wink, wink*, *hint, hint.* Surprise, surprise he remembered and even MADE them himself. I was impressed!

Once we finally got dressed for the day, we were off to Sam's club (I know, how romantic!) where we picked out a mattress and box spring for our guest bedroom with some of our tax refund. No big deal, it just took us practically a year to have a decent bed for guests to sleep on! So you know what that means?! Who's going to be our first guests now that we have a proper guest living quarters?? By the way, shout out to our AWESOME neighbors who helped us pick up the mattresses in their truck!

We also stopped by Sears at the mall because it was having crazy closing sales on everything. We got a standing miter saw for wicked cheap so I am excited that I can finally do some larger scale building projects! More on that soon.

Finally, we went to the Riverfront park in Columbia where I had seen these awesome red barn doors last week to take some Valentines/ Winter photos on self timer using my tripod. If you didn't know, I love self timer! I'm not going to lie we have gotten some of our favorite travelling photos using self timer. Usually it goes something like this: I set up the camera on a random bench or using my purse to angle the camera on the ground using Brandon as my model, set up the self timer function, and then sprint (sometimes up to 50 yds., no joke haha) to my position, where I quickly wipe the sweat from my sprint, and then try to look as "natural" as possible. It is probably quite the sight to see but it is a thrill nonetheless. Especially when I get the "perfect" shot I was looking for. 

It was a really fun afternoon activity to get some now that we're married shots. I am hoping to do a photo session like this for each season of our newlywed year. By the way, self timer and trying to get a perfect heart with two peoples hands is harder than it sounds.... 

And what kind of winter photos would they be if there wasn't any snow?! We just got hit here in SC with a snow/ ice storm (one of the biggest in like a decade) and an earthquake all in the same week so I'm so glad there was still some snow left on the ground on {Heart} Day. 

His face is priceless.

Newlywed life is treating us pretty well. Although there are definitely those days I want to throw a snowball in his face...just for fun! Hope you had a great Valentines. 


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