Wednesday, June 17, 2015

life lately: june edition

Happy Summer y'all! Is anyone else tired of the 95-100 degree weather in our famously hot city?! Here's some of what we are up to this summer! 

making a Summer Manifesto of adventures we hope to complete this summer! 

eating Snack Factory's Pretzel Crisps dipped in Dark Chocolate which are amazing, anything & everything on the grill, & homegrown #FitzgeraldGarden cucumbers & tomatoes! 

drinking homemade moscow mules (such a refreshing summer cocktail!) & cold brew french roast coffee.

reading Bossypants & still hoping to read Me Before You soon! 

watching Bachelorette (this season's bachelors are way too emotional for me!) & Orange is the New Black's 3rd season- soo good!

wanting to visit RJ Rockers Brewery this summer because they have my favorite beer, Son of a Peach! 

looking forward to one of my childhood friends, Katrina, who is coming to visit this coming weekend & showing her around my favorite spots in Columbia!

celebrating my college friend Maggie's 1920s themed bachelorette in NYC at the end of last month. It was such an incredible weekend and the theme fit her personality so well! 

planning our trip to Ohio around 4th of July for our friends, Maggie & Brad's, wedding! 

working out using the 21 Day Fix program. So far it is definitely intense but easy enough to stick to because it's only 30 minute workouts every day. I haven't quite started the eating program yet but hoping to see what just the exercises do for staying fit this summer! This 100 degree heat is not prime time to run in that's for sure!  

playing the last few games of our Softball seasons (I was in two leagues & Brandon was in 5(?!)). While I truly love this season, I am always just as relieved to have it over and have less obligations of our time off. 

enjoying the date nights we've been working in as much as possible to maintain our sanity since our schedules have not lined up often while I've been on nights.

feeling excited about this new BHG cube organizer in Weathered finish I found at Walmart that is almost an exact replica of Ikea's Expedit shelf that was discontinued but for a lot less! I put it together and put it in our loft area for DVDs and other storage.  

loving this stage of life where we have lots of time to share with friends & enjoy adventures as just the two of us and looking forward to the future when our time will be much more limited (not yet of course! ;) ) 



  1. Wow you have had a busy Summer so far! Sounds like so much fun, all the traveling (past and future)! Glad to see a blog post too :) I'm on S3:E6 in's okay so far but not making me want to binge watch like I did the other two seasons!

  2. Eek i feel so special being on your blog! Can't wait to see you so soon! Have a great rest of June and I'll see you soon!


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  4. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the NYC wedding venues. They had out sparkling water, wines, champagnes, etc. for all of us upon arrival, and provided dishes and serving utensils for the bagels and other snacks we brought.


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